Amaldi 9 & NRDA, July 10-15 2011
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It has been our great pleasure to welcome our colleagues to Cardiff University for the 9th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves, and the 2011 Numerical Relativity - Data Analysis (NRDA) meeting, held 10-15 July 2011. This is the first time either of these conferences was held in the United Kingdom, and we enjoyed hosting you in Wales.   Also note that the related 2011 CAPRA Meeting was held at the University of Southampton the week before the joint Amaldi/NRDA meeting in Cardiff.


The Amaldi meetings are held every two years, and cover all aspects of gravitational-wave science: current and future detectors, data analysis, gravitational-wave sources, and the physics, astrophysics and cosmology we hope to learn from gravitational-wave astronomy. Recent previous meetings were in New York (2009), Sydney (2007), Okinawa (2005), Pisa (2003), and Perth (2001).


The NRDA meetings bring together numerical relativists who simulate sources of gravitational radiation, and data analysts who search for these signals in gravitational wave detector data. This is the fifth NRDA meeting; the previous meetings were held in Waterloo (2010), Potsdam (2009), Syracuse (2008) and Boston (2006).


NRDA ran from July 10-12 (Sunday to Tuesday), while Amaldi ran from July 11-15 (Monday to Friday). The two meetings ran concurrently on July 11-12 (Monday and Tuesday), with common themes and presentations.  We had a welcome reception for all participants on the evening of Sunday 10 July, public lectures the evenings of 11-13 July, and the conference banquet at the National Museum of Wales July 14.


Conference Proceedings now available.